ServiceMaster of the Albemarle provides residential and commercial Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) stripping and waxing services for customers throughout northeastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks. Our technicians are trained and will work attentively to ensure that your VCT flooring shines like new.  We can refinish floors at your convenience, at night and on weekends. Our process includes an application of premium wax which is very durable and will dry within hours so you can start using your floors again.

Our VCT Refinishing Process Includes

  1. We will move all furniture from the VCT floored area.
  2. We apply a stripping solution to the VCT flooring.
  3. Next we use a commercial stripping machine to remove old layers of finish and dirt buildup from the floor.
  4. Once the floor is stripped we thoroughly mop the floors to remove the residue left behind.
  5. When the floor is stripped and clean we apply a sealant, followed by three coats to finish to ensure superior shine and protection.

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Your floor is the most-used surface in your home or business and deserves proper maintenance to extend the life of the material. It doesn’t take long for dirt and grime to be worn into a well-trafficked floor. Scrapes in the wax can be deep enough to damage tile and regular mopping often simply distributes dirt and dust into those scrapes. All of that leads to a dirty appearance. Give us a call at (252) 331-1331 to find out more about what Servicemaster of the Albemarle can do for you.