Carpet Cleaning

ServiceMaster of the Albemarle has been cleaning carpets for customers throughout northeastern North Carolina, from Elizabeth City to the Outer Banks, since 1993. Our team of trained technicians are committed to providing not only clean carpets, but also a safe, healthy environment for you and your family. Using the most modern equipment and cleaning methods, we know how to bring life back to those old carpets and fabrics, without harsh chemicals.  Our guarantee to you is that if our job is not up to your specifications, we will do it again, at no charge!

Our Detailed Carpet Cleaning Process Includes

  1. Pre-Inspection of the Cleanable Area
    Our technician will walk through your home and perform a preliminary inspection of your carpets to determine the best method of cleaning and address any concerns you may have.
  2. Moving Furniture Away
    Items such as sofas, table and chairs, will be moved and protected from the cleaning process.
  3. Pre-Vacuum of Your Carpet
    Your carpet, all corners, nooks and crannies will be vacuumed with a commercial vacuum to remove any loose soil or debris.
  4. Pre-Treatment of Spots or Stains
    If there are any spots or stains that appear to be tough to get out, we will pre-treat them to help aid in the removal.
  5. Pre-Application of Cleaners
    A pre-application of mild carpet cleansers will be applied to loosen ground-in dirt, pet dander, dust & residue. With the aid of ServiceMaster Clean industrial equipment, all of the cleanser will be removed with the debris.
  6. Extract & Rinsing
    Your carpet will be thoroughly rinsed with clean hot steam which will then be quickly extracted, allowing your carpets to dry as soon as possible.
  7. Post Inspection & Treatment
    Your carpets will be inspected for of any residual stains that were not removed and they will be re-treated.
  8. Moving Furniture Back
    Furniture will be moved to it's original place, with pads placed under the legs to protect the carpet while it is drying.
  9. Grooming of Your Clean Carpet
    Once the cleaning process is complete and the furniture is in place, we will neatly groom your carpets to ensure efficient drying and uniform appearance.
  10. Final Inspection with the Customer
    Our technician will then perform a walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction in our work.

Why call ServiceMaster of the Albemarle?

You may be asking yourself, "Why call a carpet cleaning company when I can just rent the equipment myself?" Well, unlike industrial carpet cleaning equipment, rented equipment leaves your carpet wet with a detergent residue, often cannot get out the tough stains, nor can it properly extract the water from the carpet after cleaning. If you really want clean carpets, you need a professional. At ServiceMaster of the Albemarle we have the equipment and expertise to remove dirt, detergent, and moisture.

When it comes to the home, nothing says "clean" like fresh carpet. Give ServiceMaster of the Albemarle a call at (252) 331-1331. Carpet cleaning services are available during the day or in the evenings to accommodate your schedule. We serve customers all throughout northeastern North Carolina including Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks, Edenton, Moyock, Hertford and surrounding areas.